Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walk from Ichigaya to Akihabara

We are on the second week after the earthquake now. There are many signs indicating that we are getting back to normal: People are returning to the normal work routines, with the exception of the areas affected by the rolling blackouts; A large number of people are coming back from the Kanto area, were they took refuge after the initial panic; In addition, TV stations are almost back to regular programs (apart from the ads as sponsors shun away from running the usual cheerful commercials and as a result have to endure the same five ads by the Japan advertisement council, running repeatedly).
Last Saturday, I took a walk from Ichigaya to Akihabara along the Yasukini street, to evaluate the current mood.

There were only a few people on the streets around the Ishigaya station, not uncommon on weekends as this is a business area, but still below to what I expected.

On the Kitanomaru park/ Nihon Budokan area, also there were only a few people, on this area is common to see a large number of people, but most of the events have been cancelled so no much people around

As I get closer to the Jinbocho area, the number of people increased, street lined with sports and music stores and many shoppers walk the area on weekends.

The biggest crowds were at Akihabara, although not as large as habitual, the streets felt alive and busy.
The most worrisome is still the aftershocks; we have several per day of a significant strength.


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