Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan earthquake update

queues at the supermarket
Tokyo still has been unable to find his normal pace one week after the devastating disaster, shortage of bread, rice, and gasoline continue as producers, understandably, give priority to the affected areas, additionally general public continues panic stocking of these products. Rolling blackouts continue, creating long queues at store doors due to the reduced work hours.

Despite of what is portrayed in the foreign media, people are calm and there is not panic on the street caused by the nuclear plant crisis in Fukushima, despite the obvious incapability of the Tokyo electric power company TEPCO, to hold a proper press conference, the very capable Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Yukio Edano, has explaining the actions being undertaken to deal with the crisis, on the regular basis.
The general mood has improved slightly as things calm down, hindered only by the continuous strong aftershocks that will remind everybody that it is not over yet.

Although the situation has been improving, the real recovery cannot start until the nuclear plant crisis is under control, then we can focus in the critical issue of helping the people affected by the earthquake.



AdelaideBen said...

It's always difficult when you're watching from afar to know what's over-sensational media portrayal - and what's objective journalism. Most of the time you can tell the two apart. In this day and age however, even the serious journalism seems to be verging on the sensational.

I'm glad that things seem to be calming down a little. It'll be good to have things stable again... though I notice that it's almost disappearing from the news here now (to be replaced by the next story).

Australia's government is still advising that Tokyo is a no-go area (which is a problem for us as it means we lose all travel insurance if we now go). With only two weeks before I head out, I hope that things settle down more.

Keep safe, keep optimistic and keep blogging!

island4jp said...

Thanks, it seems to be becoming more objective now. The Fukushima plant crisis seem to be improving but I doubt that it can be resolved on the next couple of weeks.