Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan earthquake update #2

After the devastating earthquake, I was expecting that the start of the business week will return some of the normal pace to Tokyo, but with the rolling blackouts, the city is still a long way before coming close to normal.
Due to the blackouts, stores are opening only a few hours a day, feeding the current shopping panic. Gasoline stations are running out of fuel and customers are restricted to only a few liters, if they can stand the long queues. Public transportation have reduced the number of buses/trains running to save energy, causing the large crowds and queues at stations.
People is emotionally tired as the fear of nuclear meltdown in very tangible, adding to this we are still getting strong aftershocks every day, foreigners have the luxury of the option to flee the country and go back home, and many are doing so, for my this is not longer an option, for me this is home now.



Moodswings said...

we are really close to you in this very bad terrible moment.
we hope things may return to normality as soon as possible, you really had such an apocalypse

AdelaideBen said...

Take care and keep strong. It will start looking better soon.

island4jp said...

thanks, I know we all will come back stronger after this.