Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan earthquake update

The streets of Tokyo, normally bursting with activity on weekends, were almost empty as people stayed home, watching the quake updates on TV, and take the aftershocks from the relatively security of home.

Tokyo damage was damage was minor, cruising around the city, you will hardly know that we also felt the strength of the quake, in some places there were some damage, like the fallen cross at the St. Ignatius church, or that the Tokyo tower antenna bent with the shock.

Rumors of food shortage have caused panic shopping sprees, supermarkets stocked for the expected large number of shoppers but nevertheless bread, rice, instant food, and beverages sold out in a few hours.

The government has just announced a number of power outages to cope with the energy shortage, generated by the loss of the North area power generators.
Although there will be some inconvenience caused by the outage, we can really complain as it is nothing compared with the hardships of the people in the Miyagi, Fukushima area.


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