Thursday, August 5, 2010

Konno Hachimangu in Shibuya

Konnoh Hachimangu view
The Shibuya area is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo, what to do if you are in the area and looking for a quiet moment? Just head up for the Kono hachimangu and adjacent shrine and temple.
Kono Hachimangu, Toufuku temple and the toyosakai inari shrine, five minutes from Shibuya station, are a popular praying area for people in the neighborhood.

Konnoh Hachimangu  Shrine torii
Shibuya castle was built in 1092 (Kanji era) in the Shibuya area. In 1612, the current Konno Hachimangu shrine structure was built in the castle premises; The Shrine it is now the oldest wood building in Shibuya ward.

Konnoh Hachimangu  Shrine in Shibuya
Konnoh Hachimangu  Shrine
The main hall of the shrine is a beautifully decorated with a tiger and a baku (mythological tapir like animal) carvings on the side of the offertory.

Konoho Hachimangu
The Kaguraden or stage for classical ceremonial music and dance is at the left of the main hall, note the people taking a break at the benches there.
The Shrine was featured as a Pit stop for Amazing race TV program.

Toufukuji entrance
Just a few meters from the Konno Hachimangu entrance, the Toufuku temple entrance can be easily missed, as is not clearly marked. The temple build in 1173, is the oldest temple in Shibuya.
Toufukuji, Shibuya
The bell tower built in 1704 has been designated as an important cultural property by the Shibuya ward.

The temple is so beautiful for its simplicity, and is so quiet that you may forget that you are in Shibuya, please note the person taking a nap at the left side of the temple hall.

Toyosakai inari Jinja entrance
The Toyosakai inari Shrine is located across the street from Konno Hachimangu,
This shrine formerly located close to the Shibuya station was moved to this location in 1961.

Toyosakai inari Jinja torii
As all the inari shrines there is a set of red torii gates guiding from the entrance toward the shrine.

Toyosakai inari Jinja, Shibuya
The Shrine is guarded by foxes statues, also commonly found in the inari shrines.

The shrines and temples are not easy to find despite being a short walk from the station. It is, perhaps, one of locals best keep secret.



AdelaideBen said...

Nice post - it's great to see things that often miss the tourist's radar... then again, it's also good to think that as tourists we don't ruin everything for the locals.

Sapporo is quite comfortably warm here at the moment - hope you're surviving the Tokyo heat... will be enjoying it in about 1.5 weeks now.

island4jp said...

I found this place by accident recently, what is most amazing is that I didn't know about it, even though I lived in the area more than 15 years.

Tokyo is incredible hot at the moment, hopefully it will get better by the time you came over.
I am pretty sure you have a busy schedule, mail me on flickr if you have some free slot or if I can join you and your family on any of your activities.

AdelaideBen said...

Thnx for the offer. We haven't a fixed schedule as yet, but I can guess it will be pretty busy (weather pending). Will keep you posted.