Friday, August 20, 2010

Hakone Shrine

Even though the buildings are not visible in the mountain forest, is easy to find the most famous shrine in Hakone, the three outstanding toriis of the Hakone shrine, two of them in moto-hakone and one in the lake Ashi, are hard to pass unnoticed.

According to the legend the shrine was create by mountain hermit Mangan to consolidate three mini shrines, one on top of Mt. kame, another on top of Mt. Komagate and another called Han’nyanji to worship the kami (god) of the mountains.

The path to the shrine buildings is through a series of steps lined with lanterns in a beautiful cedar forest.

The grounds of the main hall extend on large area at the end of the steps, the area can get crowded on weekends, so is recommended to arrive early.

Peace torii
The “floating” torii or “peace torii”, is a very distinctive view not only of the shrine but of the town itself.
The shrine is particularly beautiful at the early hours of the morning due to the mist covering the lake and mountain, you may need to drive there as transportation is not available at this early time.



Tornadoes28 said...

One of the things I love most about Japan are the temples and shrines that are surrounded by forests. I especially love the moss covered stone lanterns and statues.

island4jp said...

Agree, I can definitely understand the hermit desire to create a temple in this mountains.

AdelaideBen said...

Lovely work - really like your photos. Unfortunately we missed Hakone on our trip (too busy, and the weather forecast was for rain... not that it happened).

I have really enjoyed your Hakone series though. Keep up the great work.

island4jp said...

Thanks, too bad on missing the Hakone trip, it's a great place to visit. I always have a good time even with moderated bad weather.