Sunday, August 15, 2010

Onshi Hakone Park

Onshi-Hakone Park
The view from the top of the peninsula “tower-island” in lake Ashi is so spectacular that In 1886 the Imperial Household Ministry, built a vacation palace on the site, for the imperial family and foreing guests.

Lakeside observation building
The palace consisting of Japanese and western style buildings was damaged by the big Kanto earthquake, and later donated to the Kanagawa prefecture in 1946, and later opened to the public as the Onshi(Imperial gift)-Hakone Park.
Large scale restoration activities on the park has returned the western building to his former appearance (there are plans to restore the Japanese building).

hakone obs bldg view
The Lakeside observation (western style) building is used to display documents related to the original palace, and observation and rest area on the second floor, the view from there is breathtaking, Mount Fuji is usually visible from here.

Hashikawa Hashi bridge
View from Hashikawa bridge

Entering using the path of cedar tree, instead of the main entrance will give you the opportunity to admire the Ashikawa Bridge, a famous Edo-period stone bridge, moved here for preservation; the view to motohakone from here is an often-missed sight.

Observation point
Strolling through the park, provides Majestic scenic views of the lake Ashi, the mountains, Mount Fuji (is somewere there behind the clouds), and seasonal flowers. The park view has been selected as one of the “50 scenic views of Kanagawa”, be sure not to miss it if you visit Hakone.


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