Sunday, April 4, 2010

Isejingu, Geku

Shrine in geku, Isejingu
IseJingu in the city of Ise in Mie prefecture is the holiest and most important Shinto shrine complex dedicated to the goddess Amateras-Omikami, the supreme deity, who is also ancestor of the imperial family according to the Japanese mythology.

amulet's stand
Isejingu main shrines are the Geku or Outer shrine, and the Naiku or Inner shrine.Protocol requires that worshipers pay respects to Geku before visiting Naiku.

Naiku shrine is dedicated to the Toyouke Omikami or the god of food, clothing and shelter. The entrance is a short walk from the Ise city station.

stall in geku Ise
The stall for the horse offered by the imperial family was empty as the offering horse arrived a week after my visit.

geku Ise
The Shrine architecture of Ise shrines cannot be used in the construction of any other shrine.

geku, Ise shrine
Unfortunately the shrine is walled and visitors are not allowed inside, morover photos are not allowed, visitors pay respects from the entrance of the main shrine.



AdelaideBen said...

Fantastic... even if you weren't able to see the whole of Ise-jingu, you went on a suitably photogenic day - looks very mysterious and the subdued light works well.

island4jp said...

I'll post a follow up on the naiku shrine soon.
It was raining on the day of my visit and thus the dark mood of the photos. As you mention this added a mystique look to the photos.