Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cherry blossom viewing at Sagiyama memorial park

Sagiyama Kinen park
As the weather continued to be unpredictable, we had more than 20℃ one week and snow the following (in April!). On one of the good weather days I visited the Sagiyama memorial park, to enjoy the cherry blossom trees.

Sagiyama memorial park
The Sagiyama memorial park in Saitama city, with more than 250 year of history, is not one of the most prominent parks in the Saitama prefecture, but it has seen an increase of visitors as a result of the creation of a green zone in the area by the Saitama prefecture.

sakura at saitama
cherry blossom at saitama
Next to the park are the Minuma natural park and the Minuma canal. The canal is now lined with stunningly beautiful cherry trees in full bloom.



AdelaideBen said...

Crazy weather! Still, in other ways, it's good for different types of weather in terms of variety. I always thought that snow with Sakura must be extra attractive (but I can imagine that it's bad for the flowers as well). Nice work.

I remember being in Sapporo one year and their was snow in mid-April... that was even considered unusual! For their to be snow where you are at this time is just weird.

island4jp said...

Yes, normally it doesn't happen on the middle of the spring, it is weird that in the morning you are not sure what kind of clothes you need to go out. anyhow, it was only a light snowfall at night and by the morning it was gone. Luckily the weather seems to be improving now.