Monday, March 29, 2010

Nagoya’s sister cities at Hisaya Odori park

Hisaya odori park
Hisaya odori
Hisaya Odori park at sakae is a 100 meters wide park along Hisaya Odori street, that consist of a series of plazas dedicated to Nagoya’s sister and friendship cities.

Los Angeles plaza
The Los Angeles Plaza displays several pieces donated by the sister city of LA.
The Los Angeles rocks are from Alabama hills in central California and it is said to be 180 million years old.

Walk of fame
There is also a replica of the walk of fame with 25 stars embedded in the path.

Los Angeles Plaza eagle
bald eagle
Additionally there is a beautiful statue of a bald-eagle with a replica of some of the plates of the Chinese theatre.

Mexican plaza
North of the LA plaza there is the Mexico plaza, with pieces donated by the sister city of Mexico City, the main piece being a reproduction of the Aztec calendar.

A replica of the stone monument of the moon goddess Coyolxauhqi is also in this plaza.

Tula warrior
In addition, one replica of the Tula warrior rest on one of the sides of the plaza.

Nanjin plaza
Hua Biao Obelisk

North of the Mexican plaza is the Nanjin Plaza with Hua Bia Obelisks donated by the Chinese city in 1980.
At the Northermost part of the park there is the Sidney plaza with a replica of the anchor of the H.M.S Sirus.



Tornadoes28 said...

Interesting that they would have rocks from the Alabama Hills since the Alabama Hills are actually several hundred miles north of Los Angeles. Possibly it's due to the fact that many Hollywood films including old westerns have been filmed in the Alabama Hills.

island4jp said...

Don't really know why the city of LA donated the rocks, but your explanation may be correct taking into account the other items in the plaza.