Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Confucian temple Yushima seido

Yushima seido gate
Yushima seido in yushima, neighborhood of Bunkyo Tokyo is a Confucian temple founded in 1960 by the Tokunaga shogunate, later became a center of Confucian learning, as noted in one of the signs in the grove, it was one of the first educational institutions in Japan. The sign reads “The birthplace of the education in Japan”, the site is designated as an historic place.

yushima seido grove
The temple is locate on one of the sides of the Hijiri bashi or saints bridge, as it has Nicholai cathedral on one side and Yushima seido on the opposite.

Nyutokumon gate
Kyodamon gate
Entering by going down the steps on the hijiri bashi a small grove can be appreciated at the gate. Passing through the nyutokumon gate is not allowed now, so it is required to go through a side entrance, and then enter the temple trough the Kyodamon gate.

yushima seido
daisendan hall
Daisendan roof
The main building daisendan is impressive for its simplicity, all black, with almost no decorations. Its simplicity is more dramatic, when compared with the color excesses of the temple Kanda Myojin just across the street.



Tornadoes28 said...

Founded in 1690. Yes, the architecture is very impressive. I love the green roofs.

Harry Snowden said...

Yes, the green sweeping roof lines
Is the green from Copper?

Tornadoes28 said...

The temple has been rebuilt several times due fires. The temple was last destroyed by fire in the 1922 Great Kanto Earthquake and it was rebuilt shortly after.

island4jp said...

@Harry Yes, is all copper. The tigers, cooks decoration are quite unique too.

island4jp said...

@Tornadoes28, as most of the old Japanese historical sites, materials for repairs are carefully selected and "aged" so they don't break the holistic harmony.

Tornadoes28 said...

I'm glad they do that and they generally do a good job. I've been to Aizuwakamatsu Castle which is also a rebuilt castle and it looks excellent.

Satoshi Tomiyama said...

Amazing Photo and blog:) Very Inspirations,I will goes to there at future !! Thanks.

island4jp said...

@Tornadoes28 I haven't been there yet. One to my list of places to go here.

island4jp said...

@Satoshi Thanks, the temple it's surely worth a visit.

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