Thursday, June 3, 2010

Japanese war soldiers’ shrine Yasukuni Jinja

Yasukuni Jinja in Chiyoda ward in Tokyo is the Shrine dedicated to the soldiers who died on the Japanese wars.

The Shrine originally one of the main State Shinto shrines, until the separation between the church and the state in 1946.

Yasukuni Shrine
There is a great controversy with the shrine as it has enshrined WWII criminals. As an outcome, when prime ministers visit the shrine, many countries condemn the visit.

In the premises there is also the Yushukan war museum, many war relics are housed there, included a zero fighter plane.

Next to the main shrine or hoden there is the motomiya or original shrine.

Shinchi teien
Behind the honden there is the Shinchi teien or sacred pond garden, with a small waterfall.



AdelaideBen said...

It's a strange place - as it comes with a lot of baggage that tends to get in the way. By that I mean that it's almost unavoidable to come here without having been touched by the controversy associated with the place. Which is a shame...

Also - thnx for showing the original shrine. When we came here, our time was pretty tight, and we didn't get to see it.

island4jp said...

Agree, unfortunately there is no easy solution. the war soldiers deserve a place where Japanese pay their respect. At the same time the affected countries deserve respect for their suffering during the war.