Monday, June 21, 2010

Aviation Park in Tokorozawa

Tokorozawa aviation memorial park
Tokorozawa aviation memorial park in the Saitama prefecture in Tokorozawa city, with 50 HA is the largest in the prefecture. The park it is also known as the birthplace of Japanese aviation as the first Japanese aircraft dedicated airport was established here in 1911.

The U.S. forces seized the airfield after the war, until 1967 when it returned to Japanese goverment. Designeted as a prefectural park in 1974, and opening to public four years later in 1978.

airplane museum
There is also the magnificent Tokorozawa aviation museum, with a display of airplanes, helicopters, engines and flight simulators; unfortunately, by the time I get there it was alredy close, so I could not get in.

C46A plane
YS11 plane
In the outdoors exhibitions, a C46A cargo plane and an YS11 plane are in exposición.

pond on Japanese garden
Additionally a Japanese garden is in the center of the park, with a pond and a teahouse.


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