Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kasama Inari Shrine

The Kasama Inari Shrine in Kasama city, Ibaraki, one of the three largest Inari Okami Shrines in Japan, was founded in 651, and is dedicated to the Ukanomitama no kami, the spirit with jurisdiction over the five grains and foodstuff.

The Shrine suffered serious damage during the Tohoku earthquake. An illustration of this is the now absent torii gates, pending restoration at the time of my visit. Similarly the purification font is with a big crack on the roof, apparently caused by the quake, and is yet to be repaired. On the other hand, some of the buildings bear signs of the of the fresh damage reparation.

The old main gate to the shrine, now known as the east gate, it is now located at the right side of the main approach to the premises. With an edo style high gable roof, now has a recently refurbished roof, built still keeping most of its original condition.

The new gate, known as Romon, is a two stories gate, built in 1961. Guarded by two guardian deities, at the sides, and a pair of wood horses at the back; attesting the age of the shrine.

After the main gate, the main hall or haiden, dominates the ground premises. Built in 1960, the hall is relatively new but as the main gate case, some of the decorations are quite old.

Make sure that you visit the main sanctuary at the back of the main hall, constructed in 1856, or you will miss it as I regrettably did.

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Red Rose. said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely photos!
That was so good that Kasama shrine was not damaged so much by the earthquake last year.
I lived in Mito for a long time, so my family sometimes visited Kasama shrine. I miss this shrine, and now I remember how great this shrine is!

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islandjp said...

Hi Red Rose,
Thanks for visiting.

I had a fantastic time hiking around the area, a great place to visit.