Wednesday, October 12, 2011

View from roof garden at Takashimaya Shinjuku

Takashimaya ‘Times Square’ in Shinjuku has a roof garden with an excellent view of Shinjuku and some of Tokyo landmarks. Skytree is visible on the background on this view.

South Tokyo Landmarks from left: Izumi garden Tower, Tokyo Tower, Shibaura Island, Midtown, and Roppongi hills.

A small shrine and the Cocoon tower on the background.

Meiji dori normally a very busy street, it is no so terrible before midday.
The large department store is a good reason to visit it, with the added bonus of the roof garden views.


AdelaideBen said...

Nice post - and loved your tilt-shift photo as well. I'm assuming that was a software shot, rather than you actually having bought a tilt-shift lens (I don't know, does anyone actually use the lenses these days?). Good to see some experimentation.

islandjp said...

Thanks, yes, I became a big fan of tilt-sift and HDR. Great fun to play around with your shots.

Lino Kosters said...

It's nice to know that, while everyone else in the city is busy going to work or traveling, you're just up on the roof, looking down at all of them. The clouds in the first photo seem to be a bit heavy though. Also, the picture of the Meiji dori is pretty fantastic! How did you make it look like it's a miniature model?

Lino Kosters

islandjp said...

Thanks Lino, Takashima is a good place for lunch as there are some good restaurants at the top floors, and the roof is a good place to relax, before going back to work, there is a beautiful garden there but looking down at the street is more interesting. The photo of Meiji dori was made using Tilt-shift technique , there are several ways to do this: by using special lens, using the built-in filter on some cameras, or using software as in this photo, there is also freelensing for the adventurous.
Thanks for visiting.