Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oji Shrine

Ouji Jinja-HDR
Oji Shrine in the Kita ward is one of the most important shrine in Tokyo. Designated as one of the ten main Shrines in Tokyo by the emperor Meiji in 1868. The foundation date is unknown; in 1322, warlord Toyoshima renamed the shrine to its current name Oji Jinja.

Oji Shrine is located on top of a small hill, next to the otonashi shinsui park, accessible by climbing a few stone steps or by entrance on route 455. The current building was reconstructed after the second world war.

The Shrine annual festival “dengaku”, celebrated in October, has been designated as an important intangible cultural asset by the Kita ward.

On the same compound, there is a rare subordinated shrine dedicated to the hair, the shrine has many followers on the Wig industry and with tokoyama or Japanese traditional hairdresser.

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