Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Streets in Harajuku

Tokyo women in the last 5 years, arguably lost the ‘best dressed in Asia’ title to Shanghai. However, the trendiest and coolest title still belongs to the hipsters in Harajuku, the area around the Harayuku station in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The main strip of Takeshita dori, is visited by a large number of foreigners looking for the latest trend, without the hefty price tag of the Shibuya stores.

To find the ‘next’ trend you will have to venture the back streets (ura-hara) across Meiji Street, where a large number of young designers set up shop, to create a fan base and brand building.

Many famous designers have started in this area, moving later to bigger venues out of Harajuku, or collaborating with bigger fashion houses; ironically brands in most cases will lose its street cred and the following of the trend setters with this move.

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AdelaideBen said...

Nice photos (as per usual). Yeah - Harajuku's a nice area to browse - just not on weekends, and especially not on Sundays. Too many tourists (I know, I've been one of them). The first time we went was on a wednesday (way back in 2003) and you almost wouldn't recognise it. No crowds, and an almost sleepy feel to it back then (I'm sure it was different on a sunday).

I definitely want to explore it again soon without the crowds.

BTW - I'd be careful about saying that Shanghai's women surpass Japan's in terms of fashion to a young Japanese woman. It might be true, but's like waving a red flag to a bull. They love being fashion leaders, not followers.

island4jp said...

Agree weekends are too crowded to really enjoy the area.
Good point, I still think that women in Tokyo dress great, is that just in my opinion, the women in Shanghai dress better. Friend in china comment that they use love to follow the Japanese fashion, but now it has become too 'jimi' or plain. I use to see Japanese fashion magazines in Singapore, Korea and China, now I can see that it is mostly teenager fashion one.