Monday, February 7, 2011

Aichi Children’s center

The 2005 World’s expo fair, held in Aichi prefecture, east of the city of Nagoya, was themed “Nature’s wisdom”. Accordingly, all pavilions had an ecological focus. Special care was take to built them from recycled materials, and to dispose them at the end of the event with the minimum impact possible to the environment. Some of the pavilions were actually built before the expo and were repurposed to be used during the event.

The Aichi Children’s center, used at the expo as the wanpaku Treasure Island, keeping with the spirit of the fair, continues with interactive activities and workshops for children of junior high school age and below, mainly focused on nature and ecology.

The building co-designed by: Fujikawa, Hara; was awarded the Architectural Institute of Japan prize in 1997, the white pavilion built like a gigantic children playground, with maze like passages that interconnect the levels and areas of the center.

Unfortunately, the center is not in a centric area and thus not very busy on weekdays. Further development in the area will hopefully drive more visitors to the area.

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