Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stroll through Yanaka-UenoSakuragi

The Yanaka/Uenosakuragi area in Taito ward, is one of the few old areas to survive the Kanto earthquake (1923) and the bombs of WW II. Walking through the narrow streets full of temples, old stores and old houses is full of unexpected surprises for a major area in Tokyo.

Although many of the old houses are now being rebuilt with modern structures, many of the old houses still stand in a stubborn defiance of modern times. A store in Uenosakuragi invite customers to come in to appreciate the house (and buy something while you are in).

Hanaju flower shop in front of the Yanaka cementery, founded in 1870 it has been designated an important national cultural property.

Izakaya osen in kototoi dori, is attended by the more that 80 years old owner, who up to this day cheerfully shares drinks and cigarettes with the regulars.

Enjuin, founded in 1652, is one of the remaining temples of Kaneiji, a quiet area with a beautiful garden in Kototoi street.

Earthen walls, Yanaka district
Tsuijibei (earthen walls) of the Kannonji temple, the temple has a small pagoda dedicated to the 47 ronin, who avenged their master and then committed suicide.



AdelaideBen said...

These are nice posts... and I especially loved the last photo of the earthen walls.

The only thing that is missing is a map link to show where all of these places are. I'd throw in some GoogleMaps links so that us "sometimes" visitors to Tokyo can know where all these places are.

Great work finding these places though.

island4jp said...

I think you are right, some of the post are about famous and easy to find places, but some, as on this post, are a bit out of the way (but not far). I'll add the Googlemaps.