Friday, November 5, 2010

Kan-eiji temple Main hall Konpon-chu-do

Temple buddhist Kan-eiji in Tokyo is one of the funeral temples of the Tokugawa shogun family (the other is Zojo-ji), The temple complex used to have great wealth and power and consisted of more than 30 buildings. The temple was the battleground of the battle of Ueno in 1868, where the last stronghold of the Tokunaga troops barricaded, after a fierce battle, the revolutionary troops finally took kan-eiji. Most of the temple buildings were destroyed in the battle, some of the few remaining buildings are in what is now ueno park, the thosho gu shrine and the kan-eiji pagoda.

The main hall of this historic place, Konpon-chu do stands quietly on the backstreets behind the Tokyo National Museum. There are no so many visitors, with the exception perhaps of history buffs and visitors to the adjunct kindergarten. The wooden structure of the main hall was moved from Kawagoe, after the original was lost in the battle fire.

Around the main hall, there is a bell tower, a set of jizo statues, and a monument to ryououdoukaku.

Behind the main hall, the temple offices are of a more contemporary design and neatly kept but contrast starkly with the main hall building.

Konpon chu do is the keeper of an historic temple that saw the final battle that of the shogun period.



AdelaideBen said...

Nice post - once again. I hadn't heard about this temple before, and it was interesting to read. Which is strange given the history.

Also - have you been experimenting with HDR filters on the first photo? Has a nice effect. I'm always interested in learing more about how people put their blogs together.

island4jp said...

Thanks, it was a nice to find it by chance when walking around Ueno.

Yes, HDR with some tone-mapping for the first photo to give it a more dramatic effect.