Monday, September 27, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree Update

The construction of the Tokyo sky tree is at very advanced stage, reaching a significant milestone; the main structure seems to be completed and is now at 470 meters.

In the next stages, the second observatory and the antenna are to be completed, despite the fact that the scheduled completion date is December 2011, the structure surely will be completed well before that date.

The new tower is already generating a positive economic impact in the surrounding area, as the rent and land price is already going up.



Tornadoes28 said...

That thing is huge.

AdelaideBen said...

It certainly a dominating feature on the horizon... I know when we were leaving on the Narita express it was like a magnet for the eye.

I'm sure the local area will greatly benefit - but it is a great curiosity that it is where it is. I understand that originally the tower was going to be built outside Tokyo entirely.

island4jp said...

Unlike the Tokyo Tower the new tower is visible from almost any part in Tokyo.

The project is in big part led and financed by tobu railway company. The location used used to be a big train parking area and storage, A great move by Tobu in my opinion.