Saturday, September 25, 2010

Martial arts center Tokyo Budokan

In a very Japanese way of mixing tradition with the moder, the Tokyo Martial Arts center in Ayase is housed in a futuristic looking, avant-garde building that shares more with the transformers that the traditional arts teach there.


The Tokyo Budokan in Ayase, Tokyo, (often confused with Nihon Budokan) designed by Japanese architect Kijyou Rokkaku and completed in 1989, with facilities for a wide variety of Japanese Martial Arts, like kendo, judo and karate.

The Center is a beautiful building that is not very well known to people outside Ayase, is worth a visit if you are in the north of Tokyo.



AdelaideBen said...

The Japanese definitely had a distinctive style (back when the economy was booming). I wonder what happened to all of those architects after the bubble burst?

island4jp said...

Good question, my guess is that now it is more difficult to fund this kind of projects.

Glenn Jacob said...

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