Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shiodome Skyscraper city

Shiodome one of the newest skyscraper areas in Tokyo, Minato ward area. The area still under development is becoming one of the most modern areas in Tokyo.

Nippon television tower
Shiodome started development in 2000 in the area of the old Shinbashi station, currently counts with thirteen skyscrapers, like the distinctive Nippon television tower designed by the British architect Richard Rogers.

Shiodome city center
Shiodome is connected to Shinbashi station, and has provided a renovation to the area, another distinctive building is the shiodome city center designed by the Iris-American architect Kevin Roche.

Dentsu Building
The buildings in the area are divided in three sections, Shiodome SIO SITE compose mostly of skyscrapers, the most impressive is the massive Dentsu building with 53 floors (5 underground),designed by the French architect Jean Noveaul.

Italian garden
Additionally a western area with European style buildings and the south residential area with a exquisite Italian garden.


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