Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shinbashi, city of the Japanese office worker

Shinbashi in the minato ward, in central Tokyo. Is a major railway hub now reborn with the new shiodome commercial complex.

Steam train on Shinbashi
The name translated as new bridge, derives from the bridge use by the Tokaido to span the tameike river, founded in 1710 and the end of the first railway station in Japan in 1872.

Yurikamome line
The original station was build on the area now on the Shiodome commercial complex, the station is also terminus for the Yurikamome line, that services the Odaiba area.

Izakaya in shinbashi
The station is also personify the Japanese office worker, and TV news programs conduct interview there, as a representative of the Japanese average office worker opinion. Workers like to go to shinbashi for a last drink before going home.


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