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Kappabashi crossing
Kappabashi dougu street in Tokyo, Taito ward, also known as kitchen town, is a street between Ueno and Asakusa, populated with stores dedicated to kitchen and restaurant goods. The Street entrance is marked by a giant chef on the crossing with Asakusa street at the south, and Kototoi street at the north.

Kappa Statue at Kappabashi
The street symbol is the mythological Kappa or river-boy. There is a “Pocket-park”, with a statue of “Kawatarou”, or Kappa.

Japanese restaurant decoration's store
Merchants staring to gather in the area around 1912,,and now in over 800 meters over 170 shops is Japan and perhaps the world largest kitchen goods shopping street.

paper lanter store at Kappabashi
There is a wide variety of stores of: paper lanterns, ceramic, china, pottery, Japanese knives, and restaurant furniture.

Plastic display food
The sample plastic food stores, that sell the famous display-food that sits outside a large number of Japanese restaurants are one of the highlight of the visit to this street.

Denkama at Kappabashi
A good Japanese Pottery store, Denkama, is located in the corner of the South entrance.

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