Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunshine city rooftop aquarium

Sunshine Aquarium in sunshine city, Ikebukuro, the first rooftop aquarium in Japan, has just reopened in August 4th after closing for one year for renovations.

The aquarium is small compared to normal aquariums but the premium location gives a great advantage over other aquariums. As with most of the popular places in Tokyo, there are large crowds on weekends, but late in the afternoon and weekdays is no so bad.


The renovated marine garden area, has a large elevated see-through pool, where the seals swim under the open sky. The Sea lions perform at the same area several times per day.


Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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islandjp said...

Thanks Teuvo for visiting, I have visited your blog and it looks great, it is quite similar to the intent of this blog, to portrait of living in the Japan (Finland in your case).

Unknown said...

Looks like a fantastic acquarium (which historically I'm not a big fan of)... this one looks great though (and especially the see-through seal part). V cool.

islandjp said...

After visiting the Churaumi aquarium in Okinawa, all others feel tiny. I was very curious on the Sunshine aquarium restoration after 1 year closure, and honestly I was a little bit disappointed as apart of the see-through pool, the rest of the aquarium was about the same, nevertheless my 2 years old daughter had a lot of fun.