Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ancient capital Nara


Nara city is a beautiful and quaint city in the Kansai area,  outstanding by his effort to balance nature with the rapid development of modern Japan. The city simbol are the wild deer that roams freely in the city.

Kasuga shrine

Eight places in the city: Todai-ji, Kofuku-ji, Kasuga shrine, Ganjou ji, Yakushi-ji, Toshodai-ji, Nara palace site, Kasugayama primaveral forest,  has been collectively designated as UNESCO World heritage site.

Heijo palace
Toudai-ji, Koufuku-ji and Kasugayama primaveral forest are link togueter by Nara Park. The Park is renowed by the deers roaming through the premises and the surrounding areas. The deers have been designed a natural monument by the Japanese government.



Todai ji houses the world's largest bronze Budha and the  daibutsuden hall itself is the largets wooden building in the world.


The city is one hour from Osaka and Kioto so a day trip visits are popular, however, a longer stays is recommended to appreciate fully the city sites..


stevenjared0853 said...

These are amazing photos. I loved these places. They are too beautiful. I got married around three months ago at one of venues in Los Angeles and now finding such interesting places for our honeymoon trip. I would like to visit here. Thanks for photos.

islandjp said...

Congrats stevenjared0853, hope you can visit. Japan is an amazing place to visit, so much to see.