Monday, March 26, 2012

Uniqlo Ginza

Japanese casual clothing store Uniqlo has just open a new store in Ginza. The new flagship store is the company largest in the world. The 12th floors building glass and steel beam front, it is effectively used as a display for the store clothes.

A large number of the store employees are foreigners, to accommodate for the large number of foreigners customers visiting Ginza. Since the store opening large queues form in front of the store, to my surprise many Japanese people also queued to enter the store, even though there are uniqlo store everywhere, perhaps is due to the store novelty and exclusive models.

A casual low cost clothing store and Ginza may seem like a mismatch, the store is looking to enhance its brand to compete with competitors like H&M and Zara, whom already have stores at Ginza, and point up that low cost does not equal to low quality.

View Uniqlo ginza in a larger map


city said...

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islandjp said...

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