Monday, July 25, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu Chiba, is one of the most popular attractions for kids in the summer (oddly around Christmas is full of young couples). Trying to avoid the incredible long queues, I visited the park one week before the official start of the school summer holiday.

Tokyo Disneyland is a licensed park from Walt Disney Company, and with next-door Tokyo Disney Sea, are the only Disney parks not owned by Walt Disney.
The park is modeled after California Disneyland, and it has become one of Japan tourist attraction for visitor from neighborhood countries.

The park closed briefly after the earthquake, due to some minor damage, but it has now re-opened with most of the attractions operating normally. The park is operating with energy saving measures, but these measures are barely noticeable.

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Bec Maher said...

how did you find the crowd levels for july? when are the summer holidays supposed to start this year?

islandjp said...

Hi Bec, The crowds in the summer are amazing, although giving the size of Tokyo Disney, you won't feel cramped at any time. If you want to try any of the popular rides, I suggest to get in early and take advantage of the fast-pass, also bring along a plastic picnic sheet, to seat and reserve space for the parades. Summer holiday normally start after Marine day (July 20).