Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hike at Nansawa forest park

The Nanasawa forest park at the east of the tanzawa mountains in Kanagawa prefecture,is a popular leisure area for residents of the Atusgi, although is no so well known outside the area.

The area counts with several hiking paths, but we decided to stay on the main road, as we did not have a guide or a proper map.

The mountains in the area were showing some of the autumn colors, not so impressive this year due to the extremely hot summer, but a great change from the usual city landscape. Unattended stands offer local products, you take what you need and leave the money in the jar.

Nameri-iwa, Nanasawa
Nameri-iwa Atsugi
Rock climbers practice on a small slope by the road before trying the more challenging Nameri-iwa.

Okama Benzaiten, Atsugi
stone lanters, Okama Bensaiten
Along the road is the Okama benzaiten, a tori in the small stream running along the path.

The best part of the walk was the small restaurant along the path, were you could catch your own food (conveniently located in a small pond in front of the restaurant), and eat it in the open terrace.

Although we did not venture in to the hiking trails, the park was full of pleasant surprises to provide a pleasant walk; I surely will visit again and try the hiking trails next time.

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