Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kiyosumi gardens

There is no need to go out of Tokyo to enjoy one of the most beautiful Daimyo (feudal lord) gardens; Kiyosumi garden in fukugawa, Koto ku, is a beautiful example of the ancient garden style.

The state, formely the house of an Edo era magnate, was purchased in 1878 and turned into a garden by the founder of Mitsubishi to entertain guests. It was later donated to the city of Tokyo and open to public in 1932.

The garden it is designed around the wide pond, with paths, trees, artificial hills and islands located strategically to provide different scenic views along the stroll path. The park was appointed as place of scenic beauty of Tokyo in 1979; it is perhaps the most pleasant Japanese garden in Tokyo.

There are 55 exceptional stones collected from around the country, at different locations of the park, although you really need to be a stone expert to appreciate fully their beauty.

There is also a Japanese lily garden in the park open space, stunningly beautiful when in bloom.

The Ryotei overlooking the pond, styled like a teahouse, provides a unique view of the garden, but it may be difficult to enter without reservation.

The park provides a perfect excuse to escape of the summer heat, and relax while enjoying the scenic view.



AdelaideBen said...

Looks great. We were thinking of finding some parks for our son to go running around. Whereabouts is it - and do you think it's the sort of place a 3yo might enjoy?

island4jp said...

This park is on koto ku, in the fukagawa area, not far from Nihonbashi, one of the biggest festivals in tokyo is held there in mid Aug, the Fukagawa matsuri, every 3 years, unfortunately this year is not the year for a major festival, but a smaller version is held. I recommend instead going to the Koraku-en park (next to Tokyo dome), there is a area for Kids that is great for kids, there is also the koishikawa-korakuen garden next to it.

Ashley said...

Wonderful photos! Would you know how to go about getting reservations at Ryotei? I've been looking everywhere to no avail. Thank you!

island4jp said...

Thanks Ashley, the number for reservations is 03-3641-5821.