Sunday, May 9, 2010

Children’s day in Japan

Children's day armor
Japan celebrated the children’s day last May 5th. This day is to celebrate only the boys as girls are celebrated on doll’s day.

Koi nobori
Similar to doll’s day, families with boys decorate the house with a Japanese warrior helmet, and lately with the full Japanese warrior armor. Additionally Koi nobori flags are raised on that week, symbols of a strong and healthy boys. The three Koi (carp) represent the Father, the mother and the boy.



AdelaideBen said...

Never could understand why Children's Day actually is all about boys... not sure if this is based on latent sexism in Japan, or someother translation thing.

island4jp said...

Actually this day use to be called boys day, until the government in 1943, rename it as Children'a day to celebrate the the children and express gratitude toward their mothers. the Koinobori banner it suppose to represent all the children of the house, on carp for each member of the family. I guess traditions are hard to change as I only see the banners on houses with boys.