Monday, February 15, 2010

Takeshiba pier

takeshiba wharf park
The takeshiba pier is one of the passenger ship terminals of the Tokyo port. The ferry to the Izu seven islands departs from this terminal.

takeshiba terminal
takeshiba passanger terminal
takeshiba wharf
The passanger terminal becomes the busiest on weekends when the visitors depart for a weekend trip to the islands.
There are also several luxury cruisers and passenger boats that service the sumida river and Odaiba area .

Sumida river mouth
Sumida river
The takeshiba wharf park has a gorgeous view to the sumida river , and the river mouth, especially at night, when the view is spectacular. The boat ride from Asakusa to takeshiba pier is most enjoyable at cherry blossom time, when the sakura trees along the river are illuminated to provide a majestic boat ride.


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