Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter illumination at Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Dome City is decorating for the season with a futuristic themed winter illumination.
This year illumination’s titled ‘winter illumination 01’ consisting of 1, 200,000 LED lights, representing the passage from the present to the future.
The illumination will decorate the area until Feb 14th, from 17:00 to 25:00.

Tokyo Dome City, cristal avenue
Cristal city lights up beautifully with lights, representing the universe and a ship named Elpis (hope in Greek mythology) navigating from the present to the future.

Stella at LaQua
The LaQua area is illuminated with several objects representing the universe and the pass of time, this object is called Stella.

Hikari Mandala at LaQua
The hikari madala dome, lights up to the rhythm of music for 15 minutes every hour, you can sit inside the dome to appreciate the show.
Gaia at LaQua
Undoubtedly the object attracting more attention is the Gaia, a 12m object representing the earth, this blue planet like object can be enjoyed also from the desk of Laqua.


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