Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kyu Furukawa Gardens

Kyu Fukuhara garden
The Kyu Furukawa gardens in Kita Ku, Tokyo, is a national asset leased to Tokyo metropolis and open to the public. In 1982 it was designated a national famous scenic spot.

Tea house Kyu Fukuhara garden
The property is located in the former residence of the notable Mutsu Munemitsu, and then inherited by the Furukawa family. In 1917 the baron Toranosuke Furukawa started the construction of the site on the current form.

Residence Kyu fukuhara garden

The building was designed by the English architect Josiah Condor, who designed most of the buildings on the last part of the Meiji period and beginning of the Taisho period, and made many contributions to the architecture in Japan.

Shinji-ike Kyu Fukuhara garden
The Japanese garden was created by Ogawa Jihei, a designer of many Kyoto gardens and the pioneer of the modern Japanese garden (Ueji).

In 1956 the property become state owned and was loaned to Tokyo metropolis free of charge, restoration to the state started on 1982 and in 2006 a complete restoration to the previous form was completed.

Park Site


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