Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hase Temple


Hase temple founded on year 736 AD, according to the tradition in the year 721 AD, the Reverend Tokudo-Shonin made two statues of the goddess kannon from a holy tree. The statue made form the tree lower part was enshrined in Yamato (present Nara), while the statue made form the upper part where thrown into the sea with a prayer that it will reappear to save the people. The statue drifted to Nagai beach sixteen years later and was moved to current location, where the rev. Tokudo-shonin was invited to construct a temple to enshrine the statue.

Hasedera temple

The temple has a fantastic view of the Kamakura bay, a garden of a variety of flora to keep the temple with flowers all year round.
Other halls on the precincts: Halls dedicated to two of seven lucky gods Benzaiten on the Benten ketsu cave, and daikokuten on the dailoku-dou hall.

Mizuko Jizo statues at Kamakura
There is also a Jizo-dou hall dedicated to the soul of unborn children.

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